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Global Report on Humanoid Life,Diet, Meaning and Purpose

Theresa J Morris

11:09 AM (1 minute ago)

To Supreme Allied Council
American Culture International Relations
 TJ Morris American
 ACO Association December 11, 2017
We survive but we learn to do more and thrive on this planet.
We as a whole for a global community must learn how to share and to not despair.
We who are looked upon as elders are responsible for becoming leaders by example. We have been given a historical narrative by our  ancestors.
Many spiritual souls who have came and gone before us left their mark on the whole of eternity.
It is now our turn as the Ascension Age generation to learn to honor our traditions in life and yet to move forward into the future.
It is our time to have while here that which means more than surviving. Time will take it’s toll on all of our body-mind-spirits.
We must learn to live better for our own survival of the fittest among our own species.
Physicians don’t have all the answers and many times cannot heal their ownselves and families.
Scientists can learn what makes things work separately and together but cannot yet discover the truth that gives us life.
Religions are made to share our rituals, cultures, and traditions in many locations on the planet but morals, ethics, and connection to the source of spirit as soul has degraded.
Politicians who have been voted into power by the people have been corrupted into greed for their own gain while in a trusted power of position.
Community leaders begin learning how to work together only to begin looking forward to pushing their own agendas.
We the internet community are now responsible to record and archive history as it is happening.
We must have jobs which give us purpose for not only the upper classes to survive and thrive but also thed middle and working classes.
We need purpose not just in America but in the entire world. This is a global situation for the entire species of humanoids.
The world will be here with our without humanoid sentient intelligent being species. It is time we learn what we need to survive meaning human needs and not just want and desires. Our purpose in this world is to expand life into other parts of the galaxy and universe.
The life we now share deals with obtaining a better way for all beings to live and to compromise so that all life can thrive not just survive.
Humanity is about family life, diet, meaning, and purpose as a whole. Each individual is given freewill to decide how much energy it takes to survive and how much to thrive so that all may learn to eat, drink. sleep, walk, and remain healthy for the good of the whole entire species.
Share life with others when one can and if one has more than is needed for themselves then learn to share with others and teach others how to survive in our reality…
A note that in 2018 we have many people who due to poor health, poor diet, lack of jobs, they resort to bad habits to appease their own hungeer and broken spirits. Some resort to poor addictions due to lack of funds to eat and live healthy. Some resort to alcohol due to decreased consumption of food to live and lack of meaning and purpose. They lose their place ini community as citizens.
We are all here to live healthy and to prosper. Learning to live in family units has been taught from the beginning of time when we learned it was easier to survive and to have the women have children to expand our species.
However, all through the past industrial age to modern times women had to work with their children to make a wage to feed themselves. Children usually eat the same food as adults. I am impressed to make it known in cyberspace that anyone who can read this should share this. Men, Women, and children alike all need sustenance and cared for by all. This what we do. We help each other as a species. There are those who know more, have more, and can teach others to do the same.
Improving production in our factories and city lives in the past increased population and Europeans were able to migrate to America. The 1973-1893 depression reached a peak and  We now have many in America from many other countries. It is now soon to be 2018 on planet earth. What haws humankind learned about holding space for the entire human race?
Race, class, gender should be understood as simple classifications in economic development in the world and should not hinder our advancements.
The expansion of American influence is not only military intervention anymore in the future I foresee. Do not let the global advancement of survival into space be a hindrence.
We are to learn to leave this planet and to return to those who from the heavens came. This is our destiny as a humanoid species. This is our purpose.

Theresa J Thurmond Morris

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