ACE Guide #1

ACE Metaphysical Institute is a place in space where we share our friends who desire to be better at living, thinking, being, doing, and having with others. We are truthseeking and learn by  searching for what  can possibly be learned and how we know what we share with others.

Out founder TJ has share a fun way to be together. We offer how to be human and still be normal while sharing our paranormal world. We share human behavior  while  finding  a path to that future part of  the parallel universes roles.

We are a social community that allows for learning the off the wall and clever ways of being, doing, and having while learning in a fun and social group.

You can learn to be a better you!

We share meetings, events, and co-create times that are simply out of this world.

We make no promises while learning about each other and our special interest in the phenomenology of life in general in the Cosmos.


We share the Cosmos Expo annually. We share the Ascension Center. We share the Alien Contact Oracle.

We share the Allied Command Online and in person.


We share the UFO Secret Space Groups available for our friends in social media.

We are your very own great source of becoming a better you!

We have secrets that allow us to grow with our inner sanctum self identifying behavior skills and we talk about spiritual science, and ancient cultures origin.

We enjoy analyzing, thinking, organizing, video taping, radio show producing, and writing.  We are a great source of social groups.

Whatever you are best known for or want to share in our  company is who you are and what you share as life skills. We take into account that all beings have talents and skills and we assist you in finding yours.

We then ask you to share in our social clubs and in our radio shows.

We have an annual meeting once a year to share in all our various group functions expressing both products and services such as books you have written or documentaries you have co-created with others.

We all know that life can be tough alone. We offer friendship, fellowship, and a social club called ACO CLUB.

We go to museums, events, and take trips together. We are Age 18-100 and expect we will all live to be at least 125 years.

We encourage caregivers to continue sharing their lives and we  introduce practitioners of all types including those in health and wellness.

We enjoy that which is not so normal in life including our speakers on the future, the super natural, and the paranormal.

We also encourage others to look into our Alien ET UFO Community.

Join us and learn more how to take part in ur Cosmos Expo, and our UFO Secret Space projects. We also share the Ancient Cultures Origin and re0writing history.

We share various television shows and movies.

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Radio Shows #2

We love to meet weekly and share topics we are researching. We meet in cyberspace and sharpen our speech craft. We share popular ideas for the future. we talk about memorable times we have -co-created together.

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Web Presence #3

We share our web presence with ur members who write about various topics we like to share and discuss. We share collaboration in our group skills we combine an effort to make life better in art, culture, education, science, technology, history, folklife, cosmology, psychology, and epistemology. We share the meaning of metaphysics, the ancient mystery schools, psychic work, nature, and space.

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ACE Metaphysical Institute

TJ Morris dba ACIR

TJ Morris ACIR, ACO, ACE Metaphysical Institute - Founding Director.

Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris has created a space in time to share her life and those who care to share and be aware of their own as her friends.

This space is to tell people what you and/or your company does and why and how it does it. What're you known for?

What's your number one interest in making the world a better place?

We share life as friends. If you need friends we share ours as we trust others to share in our lives. We take life and make it fun. TJ

Our group is about sharing and having friends with similar interests. We are about synchronicity, and still are able to plan on events that benefit our way of life.


TJ Morris ACE
Metaphysical Institute

Next Steps...

If you would like to learn more about joining our social club, please contact TJMorrisAgency@gmail.com.

Theresa aka TJ will speak to you and see where you are on your spiritual path and see what you may be interested in sharing in our groups. Call only if truly interested in knowing TJ and her friends. We do marketing and public relations for those who are truly wanting to make a difference in this world with how they participate in communication. TJ is our Founder and Teacher.